Monday, December 31, 2012

Time Gnomes - New Race/Class for Old School Games

Time Gnomes are always born on some time-important date; Most are born on the first of a year or an equinox, but there are smaller numbers born on leap years, dates having to do with moon cycles, or even seemingly random days that have some sort of multiversal or metaphysical importance.

They resemble normal gnomes, but with softer features (for a gnome of course!) and all have large white beards. Another significant difference from normal gnomes is that they do not live underground; rather, they make wooden villages in forests or hilly grasslands, with a clocktower in the center.

Time Gnomes advance as Elves in basic- and original-derived games, with the following changes:

Prime Abilities: Intellect and Constitution 13 or higher: +5%, Int 15 and Con 14: +10%

Alignment: Time Gnomes MUST be lawful; their attachment to the mechanisms of the universe prevents other alignments.

Time Gnomes do not have Infravison, and are not resistant to Paralysis from undead. In addition, they may not wield Two-handed weapons. However, for weapons about the size of a longsword, they must use two hands. Time Gnomes may not wear armor heavier than chainmail.

Time Gnomes are IMMUNE to any effect that magically ages them, either forward or backwards. Likewise, they have a 3-in-6 chance of knowing exactly what time it is, and never lose count when deliberately timing something or counting objects (though it still takes them the normal time to count the objects.)

Should a Time Gnome be slain, he has a 50% chance of reincarnating in 1 week as another Time Gnome. Reroll the character as normal, but the player may elect keep 1 of the Time Gnome's previous ability scores (if your GM allows you to rearrange your scores after rolling them, you may not swap this score.)

Reaching 9th Level:
A Time Gnome who reaches 9th level may establish a Clocktower in some natural forest clearing or rolling plains. This Clocktower will always display the exact time on one face. The other 3 faces are up to the Time Gnome. Some put the alignment of planes, planets or moons, while others simply put the day, time, and year. The tower is wooden by default, but a rich Time Gnome may elect to use other materials, at GM discretion.

Upon construction of the tower, other Time Gnomes will flock to it, establishing a walled village. Other lawful creatures related to time may come offering their services in exchange for favors. The Time Gnome is free to expand his influence, and play the "domain game" as it is called, and is not restricted to merely controlling this one town.

In Advanced Editions: Time gnomes have the same features outlined above. In addition, they gain +1 to Int and -1 to Str. Time Gnomes may be Fighters (6), Magic-Users (10) or Thieves (Unlimited). The number in parenthesis is the maximum level, if used.

Multiclass options are:

Some Kind of Kobold Thing

Have some art!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What form your character's leftover starting gold is in

Uses a standard playing card deck.

What form your character's leftover starting gold is in:

Diamonds (Jewelry)
2-4: 9d3 brass trinkets
5-8: 4d2 copper necklaces
9-10: 2d4 silver talismans
J: 1d2 electrum pendants
Q: 1 miniature marble statue
K: 1 gold ring
A: 1 gem

Spades (Metals)
2-4: 9d3 chunks of lead ore
5-8: 4d2 bronze lumps
9-10: 2d4 iron bars
J: 1d2 silver ingots
Q: 1 gold nugget
K: 1 vial of platinum dust
A: 1 coin of special metal not normally used as coinage in the campaign (e.g. adamantite, starmetal, glassteel...)

Hearts (Food)
2-4: (gold*2) potatoes
5-8: (gold) loaves of bread
9-10: (gold*.75) pounds of beef
J: (gold*.1) live chickens
Q: 1d3 kegs of hard liquor
K: 1d2 live goats
A: 1 bottle of wine

Clubs (Misc Equipment)
2: Remaining gold is spent on fishhooks
3-4: Remaining gold is spent on buckets
5-8: Remaining gold is spent on bags/sacks
9-J: Remaining gold is spent on oil
K-Q: Remaining gold is spent on rope
A: Remaining gold is promised as pay for 1d3 Hirelings over 1d30 days.

Black Joker: All money remaining converted to copper pieces.
Red Joker: All money remaining stays as is.