Monday, September 3, 2012

Small Hex Map vs Large Hex Map

So I'm pseudo-randomly generating a hex map using Wilderness Hexplore, and I'm using a map 25wide x 17 tall. I noticed that in the intro to the book, as well as other places around the net (e.g. welsh piper) that they use a much smaller map.

Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages to making/having a small (<10 to a side) vs a large (>10 to a side) hex map? The obvious point is the amount of work involved, but I'd like to hear what else everyone has to say.


  1. I believe the point of the smaller ones is to build as you go, so its really about whether you want top down or bottom up campaign design.

  2. It also depends on how you plan to stock the hexes. If it's just about the number of random encounter checks between a few adventure sites, then it doesn't really matter, and may even be more of a point-crawl:

    However, if you're treating hexes more like dungeon rooms for stocking purposes, or just want to include more details, smaller is much more manageable. Even 5 x 5 can take a while to adequately stock. See also:


  3. That's a pretty fine looking map btw.

    1. It's the poster map from Dave Arneson's Blackmoor (the 3.5 version.)