Thursday, July 18, 2013

d6 Die Drop Insta-Dungeon

Instructions: Roll two d6's on a sheet of paper. Draw a corridor between them, read the numbers on the dice for special rules. Corridors that overlap form an intersection ( or overlap in the Z axis, if you can handle that. ) Corridors are 1d3 x 10ft wide and 1d3 x 10ft tall, rooms are 2d3 x 10ft tall. Or you can just assign them heights/widths.

when dice roll the same number, creates a room instead of an intersection

1's square ( d6+1 x 10ft to a side )
2's rectangle ( d6+2 x 10ft one pair of sides, d6+1 x 10ft the other )
3's circle ( d6+1 x 10ft radius )
4's star ( d6 points, d6+2 x 10ft radius. a 1-pointed star is a triangle or teardrop, a 2-pointed star is a rhombus )
5's roll twice, combine them. the second is offset 1d6 x 10ft from the first ( but they have to connect )
6's extra large room. roll again, adding 1d6+1 x 10ft to the dimensions

if either is 1-2, the corridor/room has a special feature, determined by the other die

Special feature
1 monster
2 monster and trap
3 monster and treasure
4 trap ( 3/6 chance of it being on door(s) )
5 treasure and trap
6 other. roll on Extra Special Features

Extra Special Features
1 unguarded treasure ( 4/6 chance of it being hidden )
2 trick ( statue, pool, altar, etc. )
3 prisoner, possibly friendly
4 stairs/pit/slide down
5 rival adventuring party
6 other; roll on Super Special Features

Super Special Features
1 portal to another plane ( Hell, Vietnam during the war, Carcosa, DM choice really )
2 elevator / teleporter ( down/up several dungeon levels, or even to some remote location on the surface )
3 exotic rival adventuring party ( martians, 1920s investigators, lizardmen, go nuts )
4 avatar of: a god / demon lord / other super-powerful being ( come up with a reason they're there )
5 wrecked piece of advanced machinery ( space ship mostly embedded in the rock, rusted upside down tank, half a flying saucer )
6 roll again. if that's also a 6 then there's an artefact in this room. if you can't handle that then make it a talking magic sword or space marine armor or something

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