Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"All thanks to the GREATEST LORD WAKAMAN! May all the Praise be give to him. I am Trasiin! I hold GREASTEST LORD WAKAMAN in sincere gratitude and high esteem for this help and his kindness he has rendered to me. Without compromising word, GREATEST LORD WAKAMAN helped me in getting back my long lost relationship and also bring back my life when I thought all was gone. I am a new creature now with the help of his powerful spell! And he also rendered help to 2 of my very good friends I also introduced to him, one got back his huge amount of money! The other is now a happy mother with 2 kiddies now and many more I have seen in different forms. Friends! I Plead with you, search no further for charlatans who act as real spell casters, the realest and most true spell caster is GREATEST LORD WAKAMAN! He is so true in his words, and they are substantial!" - Misshapen Mutant

 Greatest Lord Wakaman is a foul flesh-warper who wanders Grottheim, bestowing "gifts" upon people at his whim. He wears a long mask covered in geometric patterns, with two great horns rumored to be hewn form a cambion's skull. He is draped in tattered, shaggy robes of a multitude of colors. Normally he is followed by 1d4+1(exploding die) devotees, each having been granted a random one of his "gifts." His devotees will generally attempt to restrain attackers and those who are percieved as having wants, needs, or problems (most adventurers) while Wakaman bestows one of his gifts. Wakaman will take offers of magical knowledge, and if the knowledge is great (5th level spell or highter or equivalent) he will grant in exchange the knowledge to perform his Warp Flesh ability 1 time per week. The second trade will allow the use once per day, the third once per hour, and the last will grant unlimited uses. However, each time the recipient of the ability has 1 random part of their face melted shut (1d4: Eyes, Nostrils, Mouth, Ears.) And will give them a similar, unhorned mask like his own. As long as they wear the mask, the melted part does not impede them: They may speak, hear, see, and smell  normall, and they no longer need foor or water if the mouth is melted shut. Under the mask, Wakaman's eyes, lips, nose, and ears are all melted shut.

GREATEST LORD WAKAMAN: AL Demonomaniac (Chaotic), MV 120ft, AC 7 (Ascending: +2), HD 11 (roll each time Wakaman is encountered), #AT: 1 (Fleshwarp), DG 1d6+2, SV MU11

Warp Flesh - On a touch, Wakaman deals damage as he attempts to mutate the recipient. On a successful hit, the target makes a poison/death/fortitude save. If it fails, they gain a random mutation (I suggest using the metamorphica) and must Save vs Spells/Will or else their attitude towards Wakaman will be as if he is their Greatest Lord. They are free to persue other tasks, but will preach the saving power of Greatest Lord Wakaman to all, even those that don't listen, and will generally seek to lead people to him. They will always be able to find their way back to Greatest Lord Wakaman. (If a character gains this ability, replace "Wakaman" with the name of the character.)

Devotees that accompany him are either normal men with 1d4 mutations each, or rolled NPCs with a like number of mutations, DM Discresion.

 This was inspired by one of the spamcomments on Erik Tenkar's blog ( ). Setting used is Jack Shear's Devilmount ( )


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