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Mechaborg - A race for OSR-based Japanese-themed future/postapoc games

People that have robot bodies. No part of them are organic anymore. The bodies were built before the collapse and some people (willing or not):
  • ... have had their soul transferred to one
  • ... have had their mind uploaded to one
  • ... did forbidden alchemy/magic shit
  • ... have had their brain used as a "boot disk" for one when their body was destroyed/a vegetable
  • ... have been animated without a mortal being used
  • ... always wanted to be a robot
  • ... are some emo robot that wants to learn to love
These are just examples, as always, you are encouraged to come up with your own, even if it's not right away.

Game rules:

Don't need to (and can't) eat, drink, or breathe.
Can't benefit from potions or other items that rely on having a metabolism/digestive tract.
Immune to Poison, disease, any effect that requires a metabolism or organs (petrification, death effects, magical paralysis, etc. still affect. Mutation doesn't. Unless the DM wants it too. That would be weird.)
Don't heal naturally: Must spend 10en (gp) per HP to repair, and spend 1d3 hours per HP in a safe and well-lit setting to repair themselves if they have the skills. Else they require a mechanic (treat as a healer for the requisite time for price; minimum 15gp per HP.)
Do have souls/spirits, so are affected by raise dead, healing spells, and such.
Affected by things that affect metal.
Armor is affixed plating: Can only be swapped out when in a safe place. Instead of unarmored - leather - chain - shield it's light - medium - heavy - superheavy. All are metal with the same effects, but all except light cost double after character creation (You start with light.)

You may roll on the following table, and may spend 75% of your starting cash to get a single reroll. If you don't, you're an average humanoid mechaborg with no special features.

Random Mechaborg Features

d5 (tens place) + d10 (ones place)

10-19 Scavenged: -25% repair costs, -1 Con

20-22 Karakuri: -1 initiative (call on the character last and count their action after everyone else on their side if using group initiative,) Primarily wood instead of metal, -10% repair costs in areas where wood is plentiful, May choose to "lock" to stand perfectly still for an indefinite amount of time.

23-24 Heavyarms: 2 attached shoulder guns (small) may attack with one or both, but no other attacks at the same time. Firing both provides +1 to hit or +1 damage, chosen before the roll. Consumes ammo normally. Not initially proficient. May replace them with larger ones at double the cost. Can't use superheavy plating.

25-26 Mighty: one arm (1d2: primary hand, offhand) is a pile bunker. Can use as an attack for 1d10 damage, but can't use the round immediately after. Arm has no hand. Pile bunker may provide a bonus to open doors at DM discretion.

27-31 Scout: Can't use two-handed weapons. Limited to light and medium plating. +1 surprise, infravision as dwarf. Small. Can split-move and fire ranged.

32-33 Sniper: Initial proficiency with all ranged weapons. No initial proficiency with melee weapons.

34-35 Mobile Fighter: Barehanded attacks deal an additional +1d8-4 fire damage (minimim +0 fire damage). You can't turn this off.

36-40 Steam-powered: 1d5 heat damage to those touching your torso or per round of grappling. Need 1d3 gallons of water a day or -1 to all rolls and move half as slowly the first day, -2 to all rolls and move 1/4 as slow the second, and go inert the third day. Can consume potions/elixirs for half effect.

41 Heaven: Go berserk when below quarter HP or when you fail a save vs a fear and/or madness effect. During such: Unbreakable morale. Fight for 3d3 rounds, attacking as if they had 18 str and going after enemies first and closest targets after. Continue fighting for the indicated amount of rounds, even if brought to 0 or below (if at 0 or below at the end you die.) Collapse and remain inert for 1d10 turns after, if not dead.

42-48 Robo: Can combine with 1 other Robo-type mechaborg at a time, which takes 1 round.
  • Note the the individual mechaborgs' current original hp totals, halve the higher, and add it to the lower. 
  • Count as large while combined. 
  • Ability scores are the highest prime requisites of both, with average of both for the others. 
  • AC is the higher of the two. 
  • Held items and gear held by one drop (roll off if you can't decide.) 
  • The two players roll d6s and add their cha mod, rerolling ties. Whomever has the highest controls the combined Robo on the first round after combining, then alternates. 
  • Saves, To-hit, spells, and other class abilities apply based on who currently has control for the round. 
  • Either one may end this, splitting the suffered damage while combined between each of their noted individual HP amounts. 
Example: a mechaborg fighter and a mechaborg magic-user combine. The Fighter's 14HP are halved to 7 and added to the MU's 5, for a total of 12. They use the fighter's Str score and the magic-user's Int score, and average the rest. They roll off, the fighter gets to start. They can't use the MU's spells, but they can attack at their own to-hit roll this round.

49-50 Veheic: Nonhumanoid. Can affix one crossbow or gun at a time to body at triple cost. Triple Land move speed. Can carry double the normal capacity, and can carry 1d3 passengers (can't be changed). Count as Large size. Up to you whether you're a tachikoma, tank, robo-buggy, herbie or something else.

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